Apology and a Knight's Night (a Challenge)

do 02 september 2010 19:45:50

Again, I apologize for my absence since my first and only post of the GamesCom. I was planning to post a lot more, and will do that in the next couple of days, but the monday after I got back I had to go to the hospital. The reason for this was some surgery that was done back in early July and, as it turned out, more was neccessary. Unfortunately.

It took four days to be released from the hospital and walking is still a bit of a problem. Cue the wheelchair, a slight dip in inspiration and a major rise in frustration as sitting straight is still hard to do. Luckily some good news was delivered with another check up, I have open wounds and they need to be looked at every week, as the healing process probably takes less time than they initially told me. And because of that, and some other good news, an update is in order.

Don't worry, details about what was wrong and with yours truly won't be divulged. Let's just say it's not something you would even wish your biggest enemies to succumb to.

But enough about that, let's talk about A Knight's Night, another story that was written years ago as a dare. Someone I've known, and don't talk to anymore, once talked about the classes she was following as a possible writer. She claimed that it was very hard to write a story where the main character narrates out of his own perspective.

One of the hurdles was that it had to be set amount of words, about 900.

Well, without using too many  appositions, I managed to get to 898 words and a finished and very short story about a very peculiar night in the Middle Ages. You can find it by clicking the link below.

A Knight's Night

Stay tuned for a concept I came up with during a conversation about making a game. It's a shame the game itself never got created.