Inactivity and New projects

wo 20 oktober 2010 16:27:43

First of all, sorry for my lack of updates. I've been dealing with a lot of personal stuff lately and have taken up some new ventures here and there. I can't really tell what the biggest one is yet, but suffice to say that if everything comes together the world will be blessed by a new kind of game website. No, I probably won't go back into the review-frontlines because frankly, I'm quite done with that. It has been an amazing 8 years, but having been able to collect my thoughts in the past months, I decided that I am quite done with that part of my life.

Of course, I had already made clear that I've pointed my arrows at writing stories and coming up with concepts, and the next couple of weeks will show that. Already I'm hard at work on a project for which I actually have a deadline; NaNoWriMo.

NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month, is  an amazing opportunity and challenge for someone like me. Having a deadline, which consists out of writing a story of at least 50,000 words in exactly one month, means I have to work on a solid timetable. Luckily, the story I'm about to use was already in my head for a couple of months and the past few weeks I've been working hard on the characters, their relations with each other and the world in which it plays. It will be a sci-fi story set in the "near" future.

According to what Philip Athans wrote in his book "The Guide to Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction", it would probably be a combination of the Hard Science and Cyberpunk genres, with a twist. You can find more information on his personal Fantasy Handbook site.

Another project is a Fantasy story set in a dreamworld. The delivery of this project takes some time and I will, hopefully, be working with someone else on this. If she agrees to the idea of the story, naturally.

The final story related project I've been working on are some ideas for my Champions Online comic-script. The first six pages gave a general idea, but I would love to see it come to fruition one day so I've been thinking up more story lines per character. This project is just a testing area for me, because with superheroes you can do all sorts of stuff and it (almost) never seems to be too outrageous. Now that we have acces to the Demonflame Adventure Pack, which looks very well crafted in both the visual department and storywise, new ideas have popped up left and right. So expect more scripts on that in the near future.

I will also be present at Gamelab 5 tomorrow, a small event where young Dutch studios show their new and upcoming projects and where a healthy discussion about the Dutch gameindustry itself can be held. I'll be there with Rick van Beem whom you can follow on Twitter where he will provide a live-feed.

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