NaNoWriMo: Earth 17 Synopsis

ma 01 november 2010 20:21:26

So the National Novel Writing Month has started today, but unfortunately the site is getting hammered so it's more down than an emo kid watching Matchstick Men. I was planning on copying the synopsis I posted over there, but instead I had to write a new one earlier today. I am proud to say that I am already at about 1900 words and feel confident I can write as many every single day.

I had to alter the title I first put down for myself, because it felt quite lame. The new title is somewhat similar, but it's less tacky than Earth 21: The Genetic Era. I wanted to keep it simple, but also distinct enough so that people would have a general idea of what it is about. I myself am a reader who hardly reads the back of the book, so I feel that the title has to catch people's eye. They have to know what they are dealing with, from the get-go. Though I do have to say that if I would ever need a cover for the novel, it would have to show something futuristic.

The title I have now is simple, but can be subject to change. It all depends on the reception and how other readers will perceive it. But, without further ado, I present you my synopsis so far:

Earth 17: Genesis

Earth, seventeen years after the globalization of the entire world. It is a time where the information age has become daily routine, a time where new developments are rapidly taking place. A time where science has entered a new golden age. Many call it the Renaissance Of Science, where huge forays are being made into the preservation of the earth, where cybernetics has gained in popularity. Even low-tech A.I. is aiding in the construction of modules in space, destined for the colonization of the moon.

But it's also a time where the genetic code is becoming more important, it could very well be the key to the future.

Jason Steiffel, the latest addition to the Boston Police Homicide Department, and his veteran colleague Richard Mayers are thrown into a case which could have repercussions for the entire world and the future of the human race.