New comic book concept art

wo 14 september 2011 11:02:29

Though my site isn't as active as I would like to be, I'm currently job-hunting and working on a lot of stuff, I try to update it every once in a while. Well, now I have a good reason to update, since I got some new concept art for one of my ideas.

The artwork comes courtesy of Rogier van de Beek, an aspiring and freelance concept artist who has a major affinity to games. You can check out his work on his own website here. There's some great art there and I especially like the different look he gave the Samurai Pizza Cats. It is still one of my favourite 90's cartoon shows.

The art I added depicts Aaron Delaney from a new comic book story I'm currently writing. He's a twenty-something American who is on a trip to Amsterdam to envelop himself in our rich "culture". Unfortunately for him, and fortunate for us, he ends up in a very bad place and he finds out that he can do more than just smoke weed everyday.

The art is pure concept, so things might change in the transition to a more comic book style.