One Sheet - Project Diamond

ma 06 september 2010 22:12:25

A few years ago an Italian programmer, a Swedish sound editor and I talked about developing a game. After a brainstorm session we decided that we'd start with an old-school point & click adventure. The only problem was, we couldn't find a decent artist back then. Now that I know more artists I'm still hoping to get this project off the ground, as an indie adventure.

The game itself, called Project Diamond since we didn't want to pick a name just yet, is heavily influenced by the old Gabriel Knight series. Especially Sins of the Fathers because I have very fond memories of that title and the old-school graphics it has. Other games were the dark and moody Blade Runner by the late Westwood Studios and the various titles by Funcom.

To get the story and the mood across, I first started on a One Sheet. This features the flavortext you would see on the back of a games' box or case. After that, I decided to create a moodboard for myself, using images of the things that inspired the game and several different images for the setting it would take place in eventually.

A One Sheet is the ideal way to quickly tell people about an idea. You can elaborate it a bit more and expand until you come up with an initial design plan which you can pitch. Even then, the ultimate design could change significantly, as shown by the design pitch Irrational had for Bioshock. See if you can spot the difference by following this link.

Project Diamond - One Sheet


A deep and classical point & click adventure that will haunt you forever


Valentine Bale never did have any luck in life, he broke his nose, twice, while attempting to ask the girl of his dreams on a date, he nearly lost his job due to some silly mistake, and now his dreams are haunting him with horrible images of death and otherworldly figures. Lately, everything is going wrong, and it all seems to get worse. Even his psychiatrist thinks he's losing his mind.

But is he?

Key Features:

- Classical Point & Click Adventure

- 3D on a 2D plane

- A Storyline that goes deeper than anything ever before, litterally

- Be compelled to find out what happens next

- Well written narative that will put you on the edge of your seat

- Helpful hint-system


Point & Click Adventure


PC, Wii