Story - Unknown alien idea

vr 10 september 2010 21:04:41

The first day they arrived was quite unnerving. Nobody had even noticed the huge blue-ish and sleek ships hanging above our major cities, so nobody knows how long they we're there. No national alarm was sounded, no warnings were given, there was absolutely no panic even when the first few people decided to look up. When they did, they we're treated to a view like nothing before, and I can say that I was one of the view who noticed and pointed out towards the new civilization that had come to visit our beloved planet. An alien lifeform that could possibly try to enslave or annihilate us, like the reptilians in V, or the ones we know from Independence Day.

But we humans, we saw the ships, we saw the level of technology, an entire new species. What did we do? We continued our everyday business like it was no other, there was no panic. Nothing at all. Almost like they were always there, always have been a part of our life.

This was not natural, and I intend to find out what caused this massive form of apathy towards our alien visitors. Who I am? My name is Jason VanderGreer, I'm a detective at the New York Police Department. And I've got a new partner, much like James Caan had in Alien Nation. I mean seriously, who comes up with this kind off stuff?

Chapter 1 - Dear Diary

Being a detective isn't all that, Jason VanderGreer knew this all too well. Especially in a world where humanity, for once, didn't flee or celebrate at the surprise arrival of alien beings. You'd think there would be a change in the crimerate, but nothing did. Every burglar, every robber, every murderer went on their daily routine of burglaries, robberies and murders. Being a detective in the burglary department was everything but exciting, especially since Jason failed his exams to become a homicide detective three times in a row. To make matters worse, he was teamed up with one of the blue-ish and brutish looking otherworldly visitors like it was no big deal. But it was to him, especially since he found out his old partner asked for a transfer due to his inability to cope with the sullen detective.

The first morning of his partnership with the oddly cheery looking M'arg went quite well for "VanderGreer" standards. It wouldn't be the first time the new guy would become just as dismal as the veteran detective. M'arg, who was baptized as Mark quite fast by his colleagues, remained cheery and happily tried to help Jason as much as possible. This turned the already gloomy detective into an even more cheerless state until he decided to go out for fresh air. And by fresh, he meant a smoke.

"So, what are we going to do about that burglary at the Marlo Mansion, partner?" M'arg looked at Jason with eager eyes, ready to take on the job of the day. Jason just lifted his shoulders for a bit to show his disinterest before looking down at the pavement again. "Not much. Just get over there, assess the damage and call it a day. They are loaded with money, whatever's stolen they probably have insurance and can buy it right back." The light blue-colored alien nodded cheerfully, but wasn't sure he agreed with his partner. "Still, it might have sentimental value to them, surely we could go look for it?" A small circle of smoke formed in front of M'arg, Jason wasn't really happy with the last question, not that he was happy in general, so he turned around, threw his cigarette on the street and went back inside without saying another word.

Inside the station life went by as usual, even though there were now other beings to be found at certain spots. There was even an alien petty thief brought in which in turn made it even more normal for the visitors to be integrated into society. Seeing this, Jason shook his head at the strangeness of it all. He felt that he was the only one noticing that this wasn't normal life only a week ago. Then why did everyone act like it has always been like this, what were the aliens doing to them?

Just as he was thinking that, M'arg came up behind him and started to talk to him, slightly startling the detective. "It's a shame, to see my people committing petty crimes like that." Jason turned around and looked at him quizzically. "I mean, we've been accepted by your kind so fast and already some are lowering themselves to your standards." This time Jason snorted and a slight sneer showed across his face. M'arg, noticing this, mentioned something truly stunning. "What, you think you were the only one who noticed? I find it quite strange too myself. We arrive here in spaceships, the kind your people have been fantasizing over for decades, and you hardly flinch. It took you yourself a week to notice us. That's why I asked to be transfered to this station, hoping to find out things. It's just my luck that I got partnered with the most gloomy person I've ever met. You could even make the painted on laugh of a clown's face turn upside down."

Jason, taken aback by this sudden revelation, had suddenly found a new kind of respect for the strange visitor.

It didn't take long for both of the burglary detectives to show up at the Marlo Mansion just outside New York City. Both didn't have a clue why they were put on this particular job but they didn't want to anger their chief by asking inane questions. The mansion itself was quite imposing, but first they had to cross 400 meters of driveway before they came up at the oversized residence of one of New York's most respected man. When they finally arrived at the frontdoor M'arg was stunned by the beauty of the gardens comprising the total estaste and could hardly say a world. It was Jason who introduced the alien and himself to the butler standing outside the house.

"Jason VanderGreer, New York Police Department. This is my partner M'arg..." He turned around to ask M'arg's last name. M'arg, noticing this immediately blurted out, "Wohmaharnzid, but just call me M'arg." The butler nodded and motioned for both of the detectives to enter through the high doors. The hallway was large enough to fit Jason's apartment three to four times so both got an eyeful before the man of the house arrived. "Good evening gentlemen, my name is Peter Marlo, although I believe everyone knows that nowadays. Comes with being one of the wealthiest men in the United States I'm afraid." Jason immediately  felt he couldn't really trust the man, but this could also be linked to his distaste for people who love to brag.

Both were led into an office which probably was as big as Jason's apartment and was twice as high. One of the walls was completely covered in books, ranging from autobiographies and novels to selfhelp books and science fiction. On another wall a painting of a young girl playing the garden could be seen, while the opposite wall was filled with handcrafted windowsills that gave an excellent view of the back of the house. A desk was placed in front of it, leaving some space for two expensive looking chairs. "Please, sit down detectives. I take it you have many questions considering the unfortunate break in and subsequent theft."

Jason cleared his throat and started. "What is missing precisely, mr. Marlo?" "Please, call me Peter. I've always hated the formal tone of speech to be honest. Besides, we're alone in this room." Jason shifted and tried to alter his posture until M'arg started to talk first. "Sorry, it comes with the job, sir. But could you please say what is missing and where it's last known location is? Then we can start the search as early as possible."  With wide eyes, Jason examined the being who had taken on a more serious and professional manner. Apparently the blue guy knew how to take his job serious, and then some. The man in front of both of them looked around for a bit before finally looking them right in the eyes. "I don't know how to say this exactly, but the sole missing item is a diary. My daughter's."

Both Jason and M'arg turned and faced each other before Peter Marlo continued. "Don't get me wrong, the girl you see in the painting is my daughter but it's been ten years since that was made. She's all grown up now, and apparently kept a diary. She confessed to me it contains a lot of family secrets this morning and I'm afraid that we will be ruined if they ever became public. So you see, I had to ask for the best of the best and apparently that is you, Mr. VanderGreer." Jason wasn't ready for this praise at all and didn't know how to react. Instead, he unnoticably sunk into an even deeper depression. It was his new partner who again spoke for the both of them.

"We will do whatever we can Mr. Marlo, just take us to the point of entry and and the previous location of the diary. We will try our best."