It's alive! Alive! AKA: I'm back!

do 26 mei 2011 16:26:02

That was a pretty long hiatus!

Unfortunately, the reason for my absence was the result of some personal issues following a temporary health problem. After having spent two to three months in a wheelchair - I was able to walk, but hardly made any progress doing that, you tend to look at life a bit differently. I've also gained even more respect for people who have been confined to a wheelchair their entire lives because of my brief disability.

However, in that time, I was able to work on some projects and I’m slowly, but surely, making some progress. I wrote a script for a possible comic and may even have a publisher, a new Dutch company founded last year called Drop Comics, provided I can find a good artist and they’re happy with the overall quality. I regret to say that the hunt for the perfect artist still continues to this day, but that won’t stop me from coming up with new and even stranger ideas.

My mind is literally overflowing with ideas every day and though I do jot them down in my ever expanding collection of notebooks, sometimes one of the ideas starts to get so big that I have to do something more with them. So, now I’m working on an entirely different story and a friend of mine has agreed to try out some styles in order to convey the lead characters. More on that in the future, as I’m still working out their looks and personalities. I can hint that it’s going to be a mostly female cast.

Speaking of artwork, there’s something new I can share: Another line-art character created by the wonderful and gifted Dreamchaser. It’s one of the main characters who’s put into the same team as the character I’ve shown earlier. I’m hesitant to tell more about this story though, since it’s not completely finished yet and a lot of things might change. Fun fact: The story began with one simple idea back in 2002. So it’s over nine years old and I still haven’t finished it!

This is mostly because it’s been sitting on a shelf for over 4 years and I dared not touch it. Until I ran into Dreamchaser that is, who was the first manga-artist from the Netherlands that could actually convey the style I had in mind for it. And in such high quality too!

Writing stories isn’t the only thing I’m working on at the moment, I’m also aiding friends in creating a new platform called Eye For Games and I support the people over at Broken Frontier. The latter is focused on comics and they even host a series of columns written by Goost Writer of the earlier mentioned Drop Comics. The latest one, number eight, was checked by me and I think I did a pretty good job on it.

Go check out his earlier columns to get a glimpse of his struggle to start the company.

I do regret not finishing the NaNoWriMo thing I mentioned in my last post before the unforeseen break, but circumstances weren't very ideal. Maybe next time. 

For now, this particular story ends here, but there is more under way!