Farewell APB, we had fun. And ideas

do 23 september 2010 21:52:42

The idea for the comic based on the world of APB, or All Points Bulletin, was probably initiated when I saw the first concept art. It was beautiful, still is, and really conveyed the style and atmosphere the developers were going with. I believe many artists were also intrigued by the graffiti-like style that ultimately portrayed a very dystopian city where crime runs rampant and vigilantes are now subsidised by the local government. Not exactly a pleasant place to stay, but it was fun to play in.

Of course, every MMO has a following. Heck, even the new Michael Jackson (may he rest in peace) MMO will probably have quite a few avid players. But, the following in turn might create a group of likeminded people and in this case they turned into companies and gangs. I myself was in a company called the Armed Response Contingency. ARC for short. We dressed quite fashionably in suits, where applicable, and even had several departments called Sectors.  My character, called Mirage, sported blue hair and was in the Liquidation sector and even though I wasn't that good at times, I did manage to get quite a name, even though I say so myself.

However, the idea concerning APB turned into an ARC style story, where the stage was set by the murder of the founder of ARC. The clanleader then played as the brother of the founder, who had his own dark secrets. However, for the first few pages I wanted to focus on the brutal assault on Katarine Hylla, the founder. I forwarded the PDF (you can download through the link below) to "Khylla" and he was quite pleased with it. However, life came along at that point and I didn't manage to continue which was unfortunate. And now, with the death of the game I want to share the first four pages which would set the possible downfall of ARC and it's members.

There is also a picture of Mirage in his shirt and tie get-up, which was probably a rare sight for even the fellow ARC members. Mostly because my character didn't care much for suits and stuff. All of them will be missed.

ARC - The Prologue

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